How To Rank Brand New Website In Google Fast

To rank a brand new website in Google is something which many newbie bloggers and webmaster think that whether they will be able to rank their website higher than older websites or how long does it take to rank a website in Google Well there is not an exact time frame in which you can rank on Google results but yes there are some effective ways by which you can quickly improve your Google rankings  It has been heard lots of time that a new website cannot outrank older website but the reality is it’s very much possible provided you do the things in better and legitimate ways than the older sites

7 Tips To Rank Brand New Website In Google Search Fast
Literally, I have seen many websites like my blog is fairly new but its ranking has improved a lot in a short span of time well this doesn’t mean that I have opted for any black hat SEO techniques but you can see that I am regularly updating my blog  which helps me to rank my new blog pretty fast in Google search results  Also I would like to tell all the beginner bloggers is that Google rankings are different for different countries like your website might rank well for a keyword in Google ( US )  as compared to Google ( Australia )  But there are some major steps which we can take to make our brand new websites to rank fast in Google search So friends in this post I am going to share very simple but very beneficial tips on how to rank your new website higher than older websites

1) Choose the right keywords – This is the most important step in ranking your new website in Google you cannot just think and make another website like Wikipedia which covers almost all the topics nor do you might have enough budget to promote and market your new website so the better and effective way is to properly do keyword research and select few keywords in your niche which are less competitive with a good amount of local and global monthly searches For keyword research you can use Google keyword planner which is free to use
2) Domain Name – You must be knowing that how important is to choose a good domain name for your blogs and websites and from an SEO perspective try to include your main keyword in the domain name, it’s better to have keywords at the beginning of your domain name although this doesn’t have a greater impact in ranking but it has an edge over as compared to middle and ends
3) Focus on Niche –  This is also one of the most critical steps in ranking your brand new websites well in Google search results and you must focus on the niche of your website and don’t just try to write about every topic which comes in your mind and this will help and give Google a very good idea of what your website is all about and will automatically yield you with better rankings very quickly and this is the reason why people are building micro niche sites for more making more money
4)  Target Long-Tail Keywords – Today the competition is so high that nearly every niche or topic is overcrowded and it can be very difficult to rank well on Google for generic keywords so a better approach would be targeting long-tail keywords in your articles which have much greater chance to rank well and fast in Google For example if your main keyword is ‘ Blogging Tips ‘ then there are about 4,40,00,000 pages which pop up in search results and it would take very long for your new website to rank for this particular keyword so the better approach is to build content around this keyword phrase like ‘Blogging tips for Beginners ‘  ‘ Blogging tips for small business owners ‘ etc which will give Google pretty strong signals that your website is indeed really very focused for that keyword which will ultimately result in higher rankings
5) Regular Updates – How many of you visit websites or blogs which hardly publish new content and articles regularly I think many will simply go for another source for getting the latest information Similarly Google does if it will not find new and regular updates on your website then your ranking will drop and Google has a crush on websites which are regularly updated with fresh and unique contents So try to regularly update your brand new website with fresh articles and this will help you to rank higher than older websites
6) Backlinks – Building Quality Backlinks also plays a major role in ranking your new website, the more quality backlinks you have the higher will be your rankings in search engines but this does not mean that to start building low-quality backlinks which can penalize your websites instead try to generate backlinks from quality authority sites which is way more beneficial as compared to low-quality backlinks Remember that 1 quality backlink from an authority website in your niche can do wonders as compared with 1000 low-quality backlinks pointing your site
7)  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) – And last but not the least is that learn some basic SEO tips and tricks which will speed up the things pretty fast and it’s not rocket science to learn SEO, you can download many SEO free ebooks and there are great blogs like and many more because if you know the basics of SEO then you find it easy to rank your new pages and posts in Google quickly and yes don’t opt for black hat SEO tricks which will really shatter your new website or completely deindex you website form Google
So friends I tried my level best to explain all the vital steps on how to rank a brand new website in Google fast, if you like this post please share with your friends and if you have any kind of doubt or have any queries you are most welcome to ask me via comment section and I will be more than happy to assist you and last but very important thing that doesn’t forget to subscribe to get more such Blogging tips and tricks