My Secrets To Attract New Audience to My Blog

Yeah! I am happy to share my first strategy with readers so don’t mind if any fault show in a blog because it’s my first blog that contains some policy. Do you know that any pro blogger uses some tricks to attract an audience and after that, he is rewarded by much traffic and makes money :P?

So I am sharing some strategies which I use and advising you to use this. By this, your blog stands afar to a better chance of success if it is unique and by this formula, it doesn’t matter that how your blog is attractive and how fascinating your blog ideas are. But if you be able to build the new targeted audience you can stand in the huge masses of bloggers, so now come to the point.

Now before coming to the point I announce one thing you are very late in this line because probably in this crowded field you are in the no. of 90,32,57,623 so carefully doing blogging.

And if you are thought to come in top bloggers, then please keep attention you are in right place. I am giving you some tips which help you for better performance

Attract New Targeted Audience

If you are writing to impress someone and doing show-off in front of friends, family, and person, etc. Then I’m not able to help you but if you are writing articles for the profession in this field all you need to build a new audience for your blogs that not easy but also not be hard. So don’t worry to create a new audience. After many conversations now I’m not wasting your time and come again on the point that is my secret to attract a new audience

In that case, I discover the most important points below:-

1. write good articles

2. analyze your competitors

3. social media participating

4. launch product or services

5. use SEO strategy

Have you clearly got the answer If not then read the description

#1 Write Good Articles

I  know surely you hear this line in entrepreneurs articles ”content is king” that is right. Because if you write anything which is not liked by visitors then no any success chance, so content is the main thing for which people are coming to your blog and don’t forget it the main formula builds a new audience.

1.  Does your content contain the reader’s requirement?

2.  Do you serve lengthy content with good quality

3.  Does your blog is active well to help more users?

4. Does your every post contain keywords? (approx 2%)

5. Does your blog necessary for readers?

After answering all these questions yourself you able to target a new audience

#2 Analyze Your Competitors

If you are a new blogger then it’s necessary for you to analyze your competitors and to understand their phenomenon. Because without understanding they’re, you can’t reach a higher level in this field. And if you thought to take a unique niche then you must analyze the others because it is possible in the line of 1,00,00,00,000 bloggers that a niche is same of both and after that, you can’t a long time in this niche where people is fighting to win the battle.

You should know that what your competitors serve for the reader, please check that both of you do not serve the same thing that was harmful to both. And after that don’t forget to check what should be wrong with you and your competitors take benefits of this one.

And it’s a golden chance for you to analyze your competitors and check some silly mistakes on their blogs and should be right in your blog if not then please make it right.

It takes time to keep patience and analyze their blog and compare between your blog and their blogs. For you, I’m also an example because I’m starting to analyze my competitors before the release blog

Yes probably your writing is good comparing others but still being safe is good ( i know this line copied ? )

#3 Social Media Participating

Surely you are using social media and spent much time of your day on social media. Don’t forget 1000000000 peoples are online on social media anytime, so it’s the best platform for you to increase your business and those websites that gain popularity on social media are gaining high reputation.

I give you some suggestions for social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. are maintain 1 billion people’s daily so if you have diverted some percent of these, then your blog is gain more traffic.

#4 Launch product or Services

I don’t know what you know, but it did the launching of a new service or product is a help to grow your audience. The launching of the product always also leads to tons of interviews request, a link from other blogs and different kinds of respect from colleagues. Plus your new product revenue, this should be top on your list.

Yeah, that is a right affiliate is a top on the list to launch a product and gave you a huge amount of money, but if you want traffic, then it’s compulsory for you ta start an affiliate program and pay commission to people who refer the customer to your product. Reach out to these affiliates before your launch and offer to help them with content, interviews, webinars or anything else that will help them drive sales. You will be getting access to a whole group of customers who would not have otherwise.

#5 Use SEO Strategy

First of all, start so make sure your site is Google friendly. Offer a sitemap, use an SEO-optimized platform (or plugin) and register for the Google Webmaster tool.

Focus on optimized content instead of link building from long-term SEO  success.

Make your site as fast as possible. Site speed is now a factor in search rankings, and a faster site will keep more people from leaving before your page load. Consider moving to a faster web host and leverage caching

And now the real thing is, please make sure that your headlines contained some keywords. USE Google keywords tools to find a popular keyword. Write standard structure but use some keywords to optimize content for the search engine and Optimize your headlines and content URL for the search engines.

If you want to know about SEO then don’t worry, I will soon publish the article on SEO.

I hope my article is doing some work for you and help all of you to increase your audience don’t worry about anything I will soon public my latest article on of these again which help you for better ranking, I’amgenerate traffic and much more.

# Last to beI’m

Give my best to explain to you. If you like this, then please share on its social media and make help me to increase my traffic (it is also a chance to enhance your traffic :). If you have any questions please related to this article then please comment below.