The Changing Phase Of Web Hosting Service

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In the present scenario, people talk about Web Hosting in the blogging industry and how it’s important and what are its effects on SEO but before going on to the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting I would like to describe what is web host first. A web host mainly has the business to provide server space, space to maintain the files for websites etc. They are controlled by either individuals or companies that do not require or do not have their own servers on the web.

So, a web hosting service is a kind of hosting service on the internet that allows various organizations to make their websites available through the World Wide Web. individuals who have their own website hosting are not at all expensive and are mainly sponsored by a variety of advertisements. While on the other hand business web hosting is more expensive as the size of the site as well as its type is too large.

Web Hosting Service Include:

  1. WEB HOSTING SERVICES THAT ARE FREE: As I have also mentioned earlier that their services are limited and they are very opposite as compared to paid hosting.
  2. CLOUD HOSTING SERVICE: It’s a platform that is newly introduced and provides a reliable source for the customers. Natural disasters and power cuts that usually happen only in India cannot disrupt cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting is usually decentralized. As it is decentralized so it is more beneficial to users as lack of centralization gives users less control over the place where the data is located and this results in a problem for users especially with privacy concerns.
  3. COLOCATION WEB HOSTING SERVICE: It is just equal to Dedicated Web Hosting Service but the main distinction between them is that the individual himself/herself owns the colo server and instead the hosting company only provides space and take care of the server. As compared to a dedicated web hosting service the user has entire control on the server.
  4. VPS HOSTING SERVICE: Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server lies somewhere between cloud hosting. In this setup, the expenses of the server are less but still one can make compartments act as multiple shared hosting services. Once the compartments are set then one can individually start it. VPS hosting is best for those who have the capability to manage a website on their own. Despite many advantages of this service, it has its share of disadvantages too like it requires a lot of maintenance and staff that should be trained well to set it up.

Web hosting services have a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Web hosting distracts the search engine ranking as some web hosting services get disrupted at some point in time even when the website owner is asleep, while he doesn’t even get to know that his/her website was down due to certain reasons. So, this creates a problem for SEO as it does not provide reliable uptime.
  2. Search engine rankings also get affected due to web hosting when a web host is hosting some other sites which could be illegal due to certain reasons.

Therefore, to protect SEO rankings one should have a good monitoring service for web hosting that will monitor all the bad effects of any web host and this will ultimately lead to success in the business.

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