Top 10 Android Apps to Watch Live TV

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If you want to kill your time in the best way then there is a very good option for you, which is an android app. These android apps help us to spend our time easily. Because of these days, we get stuck travelling or waiting and there is no other option instead of Watch Live TV.

 Android Apps to Watch Live TV

But there is one good thing that is our android based devices, which we can take with us everywhere. As a result, we should be grateful to the Android developers for creating such a useful tool. There are so many android apps through which we can spend our time in a better way. We can easily install and use it. Here are some android apps through which you can watch Live TV

Top 10 Android Apps to Watch Live TV

  • Hot Star: Hot Star is a popular Android app for watching live television. It is used to watch online TV serials, Live matches, movies etc. which you want to see according to your wish. Approximately, 50 million android app users are using it to watch online Live TV.
  • Netflix: Netflix is a free application that is another best android app to watch Live TV. It gives us so many videos, movies, news, sports etc. with good quality sound at any time, anywhere. 500 million apps are used by the users.
  • Mobi TV: Mobi TV is listed as the best online Watch Live TV android app. It provides 300 more TV free channels to the users. It offers a recording system also through which you can record your favourite programs to watch later. It has 5 million downloads worldwide. Its quality definition is good and high.
  • Yupp TV: Yupp TV app contains approximately 200 Indian channels. Approximately 10 million users have installed it. Using this app, you can watch online Live TV or you can browse different kinds of channels like Sports, News, Music, Spiritual etc.

Live Stream TV: Another android app to watch online Live TV is Live Stream TV. Around 300 channels are provided by it in standard quality. It also offers free channels to users like BBC, BBC News etc. It also contains Sports, entertainment etc.

  • nexGTv HD: nexGTv HD provides online Live telecasts like Sports, News, Movies, and Cartoons etc. Record facility is also available. It has 5 million downloads.
  • Watch Free TV: The next android Live app is Watch free TV, which provides local and international TV channels. It also contains a recording facility. It has a strong and simple interface.
  • Live Now: Life Now is good at stability and reliability. It is so irritating to start an episode again after the app failed to respond. Live Now is a solution to it. It gives you a stable and good quality video to watch. You can record your favourite program to watch later.
  • Justin TV: It is a very helpful android app who want to like entertainment. There are 100 Justin TV channels with good HD quality videos available on the app. A good thing about this app is It contains a Chat Part through which you can easily chat with broadcasters and viewers.
  • SPB TV: SPB TV app won an Android Developer Challenge for friendly user interface and fast channel launching. Streaming service is fast, so you don’t have to wait for more. It only uses a small bit of data.

These are some android apps that will help you to spend your time easily. Keep enjoying these apps anytime, anywhere.

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